My Flowery DIY

photo 1 (6)


This post is the first of a couple of DIY posts that will basically sum up projects that I’ve been working on over the summer/projects I decided to do over the past week.  After two months of taking classes while doing an internship, this week was truly a welcome break.  It was also a perfect window of time for me to wrap up unfinished DIY ideas and try to do projects I’ve been thinking about for a while.  

The first of these projects was a DIY flower vase with paper flowers.  For some reason, Eno bottles have the perfect shape for a little vase and are also made with very nice, clear glass.  So when I found one of these buddies in my kitchen cupboard, I just had to save it for glass painting.  I also bought sea lavender colored-frost glass paint (pictured below) to paint it with.

photo 2 (6)

It took me many trials to get the paint to look even without too many brush strokes showing, but thankfully, it was relatively easy to scrape off the undried glass paint from the vase.  I found that I got the best results when I painted one coat with vertical strokes, waited for it to dry completely, then painted another with horizontal strokes.  I kept adding layers until I thought the vase had the right “frosted” look.

After the initial vase-painting, it was a while before I had the effort to make the flowers.  Instead of doing the lazy pom-pom like flowers that I usually go for, I decided to do something different.  Using a technique that my grandmother taught me a couple of years ago, I cut out individual rose petals then placed them around a stem one at a time, wrapping them tightly with thread to secure them in place.   

It took a little practice to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to make the flowers pretty quickly. It is a tedious task though and it’s not as easy to make a whole bouquet as I thought it would be which is probably why pom-pom flowers are more common anyway.  And here’s the finished product:

 photo 3 (6)



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