My Painted T-Shirt

photo 2 (7)

I was shopping at the Cupertino flea market with a friend at the beginning of summer when we saw a whole pile of plain two-dollar t-shirts in black and a cream-ish color.  We ended up getting one of each and decided that we would paint them later.  I didn’t really think it was very easy to do fabric paint well until my friend made me an awesome elephant-print t-shirt for my birthday (because I love elephants).  We used gold fabric paint when we finally decided to go through with the painting portion of the project about a month later.  I really wanted to do something with the Harry Potter deathly hallows symbol, but I felt like just painting it onto the shirt would be too simple.  I decided to do one row of the symbols pointing in alternating directions, then was inspired by my friend to continue along with smaller rows and create a triangle shape.  I ended up cutting the collar off to make the neck wider, and I didn’t get around to hemming the edge of the neck until recently.  This was my first legitimate sewing project, and though I still need to stitch the sleeves to make them shorter, I’m really happy with the way the neck turned out.  Here’s what my friend ended up doing with her t-shirt:

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? She’s super talented. 


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