My Disney Day

photo 1 (7)

I was catching up with a good friend last week after two years when she mentioned that she was going to Disneyland that weekend.  I asked her whether she would get the iconic mouse ears picture that everyone seems to take there, and she seemed pretty bummed out that those mouse ears were going to be overpriced, like most other things in the park.  Being the broke college students that we are, we both agreed that maybe that picture wouldn’t be worth it.  However, when we saw a red bow on a shopping trip we went on later that day,  I realized that DIY-ing mouse ears isn’t too hard and is definitely way less expensive than buying them at disney.  I regret not taking step by step pictures of the process we used to make the ears, but I will do my best to explain what we ended up doing.

We ended up buying a red bow and a simple headband.  We also used a hot glue gun, black cloth from an old t-shirt I had, and cardboard.  First, we cut the cardboard into two circles and wrapped the black cloth around the front of the circles.  This was the hardest part.  We tried our best to get the cloth to look as smooth as possible, and we glued an extra circle of cloth to the back to make the back look nicer.  After that, we glued the ears and bow to the headband.  We ended up cutting off a little from the bottom of the cardboard circles so that a greater surface area of the cardboard could be glued to the headband.  We also attached the bow to the ears for extra support.  For the ultimate DIY mouse ears, we could have also made our own bow (I could have used this tutorial which is also disney), but because we didn’t have a lot of time, we decided to buy one.  I try to use stuff I find around the house for DIY for the most part because there is a certain pleasure in making brand new functional projects from the random things I decide to save sometimes.


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