My Pinterest Picture DIY

photo 3 (7)

PInterest is an awesome website.  I kind of wish it existed when I was a kid, because I loved to do little projects whenever I could (and I had way more time to do them).  I really needed a tasteful way to display photos in my college dorm, and the heart-shaped wall picture display just seemed too overused.  So then I used this tutorial to make this little frame.  The tutorial didn’t specify a frame size, but I found that a 11×14 frame works well with 2×2 photos.  The hardest part of making this was figuring out where to print the 2×2 photos, because most places only print passport photos in 2×2.  I ended up using an app on my phone to create collages with a 4×6 aspect ratio so that I could print 16 2×2 photos.  I also couldn’t find the metal clips used in the tutorial, so I used mini-clothespins instead.  Overall, it was a pretty simple project that ended up looking pretty great.


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